Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wave - The Ahmad Jamal Trio

Best Behavior A/W 2010.

Bring on the stripes!

Because I can always use more . . .

Thinking of fall weather and fall dressing always makes me think of trees changing colors, New York City and piano jazz. What do you think of?


rebecca said...

I want that dress, big time. It would make my bottom look huge but I don't care.

Where can I get one and will it cost me my soul?

etoilee8 said...

You ask the same questions I do my fellow "angel". When I figure them out, I shall let you know!

Fashion Fantasist said...

Great!! :) Lovely blog! xxx

Denise said...

i LOVE stripes. it's classic and everyone looks good in it right?

am 5 months and one wk pregnant now. can't wait to get bigger and show off the bump.