Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Think I Can - Animal Collective

That is exactly what I did today.
Check mark next to: sat in pajamas and blabbed with penpal on Skype for five hours.

I've also been staying home a lot lately as work has once again become a dry well so empty you can hear your voice echo when you shout the word "paycheck". It will get better with time, as it always does. But at the moment I will have to put myself on one of those self imposed spending freezes.


Now let's all have a laugh, because we know how well that always works out.

(Illustration: by Olivia Mew)


rebecca said...

For some reason, when I put myself on a spending freeze, I go NUTS. It's like I'm on financial self-destruct or something...

Every now and then I love the whole day in PJs on skype thing.

InnyVinny said...

Yeah, I can't plan spending freezes either. They just sort of have to happen.

And there is NOTHING wrong with pajamas all weekend. TMI, but if I can get away with not showering, all the better.

fashion herald said...

I've been on a pseudo spending freeze for a while - every time I see something I have to have I remind myself there will always be good things to have every season. Doesn't always work, of course:)
And just saw me on your read list, THANKS, & adding you..