Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aerodynamic - Daft Punk

And every time you hear the bell chime in Daft Punk's Aerodynamic, that would be the sound of another hipster, earning a pair of wings (also known as their first pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers). Ladies and gentlemen of the court, in my defense, I am keeping up a very old Family tradition of dressing like my Dad. At a very young age, we had a lot of the same apparel (Osh Kosh overalls, Converse High Tops, Lands End down vests and many flannel shirts).

My sex was certainly not determined by my early childhood style of dress. We've since gotten a little bit more stylish and old habits, do die hard.

It'll be nice to go for a drive with the roof down while wearing our matching glasses.


rebecca said...

I did it too, dude. And as I bought them, I turned to the salesman and said "These have been cool for about five years now, right?" and he paused, kinda unsure of what I was getting at. I continued "so I won't look like a douchebag hipster... because they're not cool enough for hipsters anymore."

I still wonder sometimes. But they just suit me so well...

InnyVinny said...

LOL!!!! Nothing wrong with an iconic pair of shades, hipster endorsed or not.

I finally got a pair of aviators and my shade life is complete.