Monday, September 13, 2010

Mood Indigo - Nina Simone

I am such a fan of Keren Richter's work. Not only is she a very talented illustrator/graphic designer, but the lady knows how to style a pretty backdrop. I keep coming back to this editorial she did earlier called "Mood Indigo". I love the different fabrics sprayed across the floor and the juxtaposition of the model laying across them. While everyone else was going ga-ga for those Mui Mui shoes early in the summer, they didn't really tug at my purse strings . . . until I saw them here.

Funny, that.

Her blog's a fun read as well.

Photos: from here)


Fueling Unicorns said...

I love those shoes. Everytime I see them I want them more. Some day, they will be mine!!

Annie @ Wiloh said...

I was just thinking the same exact thing about the Miu Mius!