Monday, September 20, 2010

The Serious Matter - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Whoever made this shoe should be punched in the face, with a sneaker.
I get very Joan Crawford about high heeled sneakers.

"I told you! No high heeled sneakers, ever!"

(Shoes from: Office, who usually gets it right but occasionally gets it wrong)


rebecca said...

*sigh* They're awful. Truly awful. And I love Office too.

I remember the first time I ever saw high-heeled trainers. I was so confused. Especially since I usually like anything remotely weird and funky. But they were just wrong-- they always have been. And then a few years ago I saw that women from the Black-eyed Peas wearing them and they were from then on, solidified in my mind as one of the most atrocious fashion decisions that a human being could make. Along with birkenstocks.

Sister Wolf said...


etoilee8 said...

I just think "what a waste of materials".

Rebecca, my sister had a pair of high heeled sneakers in the 90's. Being her younger sister, I kept a tight lip, as she was older and clearly more fashion savvy than I. Meanwhile every fiber of taste in my body shrieked with horror every time she wore them.

SW, horrible indeed!