Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caravan - Van Morrison

As my father grows continuously more senior in this long road called "life" he has maintained that the one and only true meaning and purpose of this ride is to love, be loved and give love. I'm happy he has let me in on the secret because I've stopped searching so hard for meaning and started investing my time in a manner which portrays this action clearly. To give love isn't necessarily that of the romantic kind (which I've been chattering on about as of late) . . . but to love those around you purely and freely.

This weekend was full of love! Love of every type! From the moments I spent with the man that continues to make my heart sing, with his tolerance, kindness and sense of humor to the baby shower my older sister pulled together for our dear friend/neighbor (who was so shocked she couldn't even speak . . . man am I glad we didn't send her into early labor!).

I was dutifully hanging pink and green streamers over in my parent's fireplace, listening to Peas and my Mum playfully bickering in the kitchen and singing along with the Van Morrison my father had pumping through the entire house, when I stopped to think about it and felt an overwhelming sense of emotion.

Love is everywhere you look. Just open your eyes and let it in.

Oh yeah, and the clothes:
Dress- Calvin Klein
Jacket - Best Behavior
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses - Ray Ban


InnyVinny said...

This is such a beautiful post. The balloons are a great touch .

Office Assistant Job Description said...

Your father has thought the facts of life..yes keep loving everything and you will receive the same from every one!

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

what a great post! glad you commented today so i could come over here and "meet" you.
oh -- and i love your dress! (and your shoes.)

Eli said...

what great words to live by and remember! you look so great with the balloons!

Ginta said...

So, true! Sharing love is the only way to make this world better!

etoilee8 said...

Thank you guys for all the kind comments. It was such a lovely day!