Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Kids Are Alright - The Who

Well, it's finally happened.

I have finally became that sucker of an adult, who the neighborhood kids know they can depend on to buy crap for their school fundraisers. When little C came sashaying to my door, catalog of absolute crap in hand, I groaned to myself through the peephole, put on a smile and opened the door. Flipping through hastily, I found overpriced fattening looking pies, chocolates at triple the retail price and candles which you know stink to the high heavens based upon their terrible graphic design.

It was all beginning to feel hopeless. I was picturing myself holed up in bed watching Jane Austen films while scarfing a calorie loaded pecan pie. But then I got to the last page!

"Ah ha! I'll take that", I said with a triumphant grin.

This hand cream smells lovely and keeps my hands nice and smooth during the harsh winter months (which have already arrived in DC). Yes, it was full retail price, so be sure to buy yours from Amazon for $9.99. Unless someone you know is having a fundraiser . . .

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vina said...

Ahh, this is why I don't answer the door. I would be up to my elbows in gift wrap and Samoas. Side note, I'm loving the package design on that lotion.