Friday, November 12, 2010

Mouvement Introductif - Yann Tiersen

And then there are those nights of great fun in New York City where you go out with your best friend and your sister and you drink way too much early in the evening. But in a moment of stillness it begins to snow and the bar herds outside into the street where an impromptu snowball fight begins. And as your sister is begging your friend to stop shoving snow down her shirt and into her bra, an unfamiliar man recognizes your friend and calls out to her using her full name. It happens to be a classmate from Nairobi, Kenya whom she hasn't seen since 1991. He is going to a birthday party with his fiance on the next block. We decide to tag along. The birthday party is full of interesting attendees and among those was Andrea Linett. I recognized her from her What I Want Now page in Lucky and told her so. She was charmed by this as the magazine was still quite new and we smiled at each other for a moment before I moved on.

I'm so happy to see she launched I Want To Be Her. I can't wait to see this site develop.


K.Line said...

Totally cool! I would have loved to have been there too...

Liberty London Girl said...

Hello lovely

I've been DREADFUL about commenting on blogs this year, but I do read yrs regularly & love it, and I know you've been a reader of LLG for a long time, and I so much appreciate your support. Just wanted to say that. LLGxx