Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson

Happy Turkey Day dear readers. Lest we not forget the Native Americans who's lives were utterly compromised to make way for their unannounced visitors. I thought about posting that Norman Rockwell picture but there's not a single dark face in that portrait.

I plan on wearing something similar to this outfit to my family's United Colors of Benetton feast (oh yes, blacks and whites sitting down at the same table). The pants are nice and generous in the waist to make room for my full belly. And I plan on being quite full.

(Photos: By my man who was really starting to get into the blog photo thing . . . and then he left the country!)


InnyVinny said...

Happy Thanksgiving lovie!!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

Is that a cello I spy in the you play?

Taylor said...

I love that sweater, especially the way you are wearing it with the flares. And I actually wore those Jeffrey Campbell wedges on Halloween and wiped out too! I scraped my knee up badly. Do you have the leather ones? I do, and the leather is literally peeling off.

etoilee8 said...

Well first off, hope both your turkey days were grand (mine was)!

Taylor, I have the Campbell wedges in suede. And while they haven't lost their suede, they sure have begun to fade. Can't win them all, can you?

etoilee8 said...

Queen of Hearts, I don't play but I really would like to in the future. I love new activities. I would much rather be the person with a bunch of random hobbies at a party than the person that drones on about their favorite television shows.