Friday, December 31, 2010

Before Today - Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti

Let's not make New Year's Resolutions.
Let's just hope to be better, smarter, wiser and kinder.
Let's dance and sing.
Let's fill our hearts with love.

Continue to be bright my dears.
Love to you all.
Happy New Year.

(Let's hope 2011 doesn't suck as bad as 2010!)

(Photo: Whiskey Soaked Cherries)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Breaking Away - Ratatat

Should it pain me that I find my sartorial leanings side more with the mother than the daughter? That makes me feel quite old, but it's true. Former model Inès de la Fressange is releasing a book in April about style of course! In it, she compares pictures of her style vs. her daughter's style. Both wear near identical outfits with certain flare. Occasionally I feel torn, but I think I'm just a forty something woman trapped in a twenty something's body.

Exhibit A: The Trench coat. Trench coats are for my "off days". Because a trench coat cleans up any look without a sense of "trying too hard". You can't look like you're not trying too hard while wearing heels, so the loafers win.

Daughter wins this one. I don't have enough confidence to parade around in a short, tight skirt without the help and assistance of opague tights. But more power to you Inès de la Fressange. Rock on with your hot mom self.

This one's a draw. I could wear either or and I don't exactly understand the difference. Maybe it's that the daughter's necklace is not as understated? Either way, this is a uniform of mine. Easy. Fast. But always nice.

Mom wins this one. The daughter's blazer and pants are too baggy together. On my curvy figure I would shoot for ironic Annie Hall-ish character but end up looking like I stole a bunch of clothes from my Dad's closet.

Another draw. I'm not a leather jacket girl. I own a pleather hoody but that's different . . .

Finally a win for the daughter! I don't like the tight v necks (they are unforgiving to love handles). I'll take slouchy any day. And if I'm going to wear a tighter v neck, I pair it with slouchy pants.

So wait! That's a tie. Maybe I'm not as old as I feel!

Book is available for pre-order here.

(All information came from the lovely RDuJour, my favorite luxury blog).

L'Alouette - Serge Gainsbourg

Peas hasn't gotten our Christmas present yet, but I did. I like it. It's really easy to wear and looks nice with blazer making it work appropriate. These days I'm all about simple fashion and warmth. My house is freezing and my heart is heavy. I'll take soft and warm over structural and artsy for now.

Dress- APC
Blazer - Thrift
Scarf - Marc Jacobs
Tights - H&M
Boots - Target

The Light - Sun Kil Moon

I realize it's past Christmas but I thought I would share some pictures of Christmas decorations my pen pal and I both made in our decorative-nesting phase. Full disclosure: her's came out much better than my flimsy creations. She strikes me as someone who is very good at crafting. And it would seem she made hers with such care and I made mine as a substitute for knitting which has been my nervous habit this fall. I pick up nervous habits like you wouldn't believe. Instead of chewing my nails off, I pick up my knitting needles. Instead of picking up knitting needles, I would ferociously snip a bird hastily out of felt and string it up. But I was happy for the project. Though I've never met my pen pal, doing things like this makes me feel like we've known each other for years.

Penpal: Thanks for the ballerina. I heart it very much.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Else Is There? - Royksopp

I think Margaux from The Killing Moon Confused is absolutely stunning. I first laid eyes upon her on Garance Dore's blog. I was immediately captivated by her hair and skin. Something about the combination is very unusual. She reminds me a bit of a cat but mostly she reminds me of the kids I used to hang out with out in the south of France when I was a teenager. Self assured and living life as she pleases.

(Photos: by Arno Lam)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Busenfreund - Baby Mammoth

It's no secret that blogging has effected perhaps fifty percent of my sartorial picks. But no one, but no one appeals to my inner art teacher senses like Mademoiselle Bubble. She always opens my eyes to new and beautiful things which send my wardrobe spiraling off in that direction of art professor with wavy hair and big silver rings.

These pieces by Anwho x Kobra aren't exactly the exception to the rule. But Bubble does raise a very interesting point about how with careful styling, a piece which appeals to one age group, magically is crafted to appeal to another. It's all in the Jeffrey Campbell shoes . . . which I think are horrible. Give me some art teachery clogs any day, thanks.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't Believe The Pilot - Animal Collective

Well this Christmas I felt such a turd. I'm pretty positive that my family had said "no presents this year" so of course I didn't buy anything. But I sure did get showered in cool and beautiful presents.

Moma vase from a friend.
The Molton Brown bath gel from Cornpuddin'.
Ballet shoes from my Mum (I go through them pretty quickly these days).

Next time people say "no presents", I now officially know it's a bunch of hogwash. This must be how my brother-in-law felt last year when he showed up empty handed and we all laughed at his blushing.

(Photos: From here, here and here)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adverse Camber - Tortoise

One of the finer points of living in suburbia is often leaving the house, knowing you look fine but realizing the outside world thinks you look like a bohemian bag lady. I really love this outfit! It's the perfect combination of winter coziness. In the words of my boyfriend, "I love the crazy dresses you wear". Thanks, my darling.

Dress - H&M
Coat - Jil Sander
Necklace - Madewell
Shoes - MIA
Bag- Pia Wallen

Monday, December 20, 2010

Unknown But Pretty - Unknown (sometimes I title untitled pieces of music on my computer)

It would seem the edgier Vogue's tend to sway towards darker hued covers. Anyhow, this little project was quite interesting. Put 'em all together and you have a water colored mess which resembles an art school project. Needless-to-say, I like it. Vogue should use this layout every time.

(From: here )

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Between Us An - Urlich Schnauss

The Christmas Pact

You and your best friend are both puzzled by this god awful, terrible holiday which brings more stress than good. Early in the season you decide that presents just wouldn't happen this year and you shake on it, thus making it truly legit. Then a few weeks down the line APC marks everything down. And I mean everything. It must not have been such a good season for them or maybe the rest of the world is as broke as I am? In a moment of craziness, you resort back to spending money like water reminiscint of the pre-I-have-no-work time period. When your friend sees your purchases, she immediately falls in love with the striped sailor dress and quickly orders one too. You both say "Merry Christmas to us" and agree that these dresses are your present to each other.

Well, that solves that.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strength, Courage and Wisdom - India Arie

If you haven't already, do buy a Woolf necklace for yourself or someone else, this Christmas. I got mine on Friday and I wore it this weekend to my holiday job that makes me hate Christmas and the general public. Every time I found myself thinking "woe, is me", I rubbed the little wolf between my fingers and reminded myself that there's always someone in the world who has bigger problems than I. Sister Wolf has had an extremely tough year and on top of that, her roof is caving in. So let's pitch in, come together and help this lady keep a roof over her head so she may continue to lead interesting discussions which make us consistently look within. When I was a child, I never imagined that some of my most treasured friendships would come from a computer but I am pleased to call Sister Wolf, my friend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tahiti - Milt Jackson

Sometimes I just wish that I were wealthy, if only so I could buy people consistently awesome presents. I have a friend who would swoon at the very thought of this James Perse jacket, on sale. I kind of swoon at it, but I am not trying to spend on myself right now. It's an experiment of mine.

(Photos: Net-A-Porter)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

I'm cozy in bed, thinking about what a fun day today was and listening to some Charlie Brown Christmas. Some of you have asked questions about my occupation. Usually, I don't say much about the things I work on, but for the record, I work in television as a freelancer and more than twice a year, my projects bring me to the White House.

I am lucky to have acquired the trust and kindness of the staff members who invited me (plus three guests . . . Mum, Grammy and my brother-in-law, James) to a special viewing of the White House Christmas Decorations.

The First Lady and her super talented staff, truly outdid themselves, as the decorations were pitch perfect and gorgeous.

My only concern was what to wear! But if ever there were a glorious occasion to break out the super special Jil Sander coat, it was today. I paired it with Vivienne Westwood trousers and a Stella McCartney blouse.

May your holiday be as warm and bright as ours has already proved to be.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow White Mash Up - Pogo

Peas used to tell me that waking up in my bedroom must be comparable to a fairy tale existence (birds chirping, surrounded by nature). It is! But even with a bedroom that's so utterly lovely, waking up in the winter always proves to be a bit of a challenge.

I don't have much to look forward to right now. A part time job which requires me to work weekends and a gloomy holiday with no one to cuddle with. So any bit of cheerfulness is appreciated. This clever video by Pogo has been delighting me for weeks. I like the turtle clamping down on the step.

Speaking of birds, both the pen pal and I were looking for an arts and crafts project that we could do to occupy our time and cure the winter blues. She came up with these felt decorative birds to place around the house. I wanted in. Badly. Instead of a bake off, it will be a bird off. Pictures to come.

I know it's bitter cold in Traena right now, but my pen pal's delightful existence warms my heart. I suppose the grass will always be greener regardless of the circumstance.

Fine For Now - Grizzly Bear

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys for some suggestions of which color I should paint my room. I realized I hadn't posted any recent pictures of my bedroom for everyone to see, so here they are. Lots of light, right? After living here and London, I now know, I will always need windows like this in my life.