Saturday, December 18, 2010

Between Us An - Urlich Schnauss

The Christmas Pact

You and your best friend are both puzzled by this god awful, terrible holiday which brings more stress than good. Early in the season you decide that presents just wouldn't happen this year and you shake on it, thus making it truly legit. Then a few weeks down the line APC marks everything down. And I mean everything. It must not have been such a good season for them or maybe the rest of the world is as broke as I am? In a moment of craziness, you resort back to spending money like water reminiscint of the pre-I-have-no-work time period. When your friend sees your purchases, she immediately falls in love with the striped sailor dress and quickly orders one too. You both say "Merry Christmas to us" and agree that these dresses are your present to each other.

Well, that solves that.


Denise said...

oh but that's a good dress! I love anything stripes.

happy Christmas!!!!

Taylor said...

Haha I hate this season. It makes people mean! Best example: attempting to park at the mall on black Friday. Ugh. Just ugh.

Oh well. Those dresses are really cute. I likey. I need to look at the A.P.C. website, I haven't in awhile.