Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow White Mash Up - Pogo

Peas used to tell me that waking up in my bedroom must be comparable to a fairy tale existence (birds chirping, surrounded by nature). It is! But even with a bedroom that's so utterly lovely, waking up in the winter always proves to be a bit of a challenge.

I don't have much to look forward to right now. A part time job which requires me to work weekends and a gloomy holiday with no one to cuddle with. So any bit of cheerfulness is appreciated. This clever video by Pogo has been delighting me for weeks. I like the turtle clamping down on the step.

Speaking of birds, both the pen pal and I were looking for an arts and crafts project that we could do to occupy our time and cure the winter blues. She came up with these felt decorative birds to place around the house. I wanted in. Badly. Instead of a bake off, it will be a bird off. Pictures to come.

I know it's bitter cold in Traena right now, but my pen pal's delightful existence warms my heart. I suppose the grass will always be greener regardless of the circumstance.


amandalee said...

I love those birds. I don't have room for holiday decor, but those don't take up much space and I could let them fly in my living room year-round. Brilliant!

Karina Cifuentes said...

This is so incredibly cute. Seriously made my Friday! Lovely blog. :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees

ellio100 said...

the birds are so lovely, will be lovely to see the ones you make