Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come On Grandad - Mr. Scruff (from Trouser Jazz)

Put This On: LBJ Buys Pants from Put This On on Vimeo.

I am in the midst of reading a book about the Presidents. Lyndon Johnson was apparently a nasty piece of work. Drunk all the time and occasionally keen to strip off his clothes in front of anyone. On top of that, the man was so well endowed he earned himself the name "Bull Balls". That's probably why he was so particular about fit in the crotch. Enjoy this funny animated video of one of his phone calls to the Haggar company in regards to his special made trousers.

I'm particular about my pants as well. But I just prefer them to be bright. So sick of all the dull colors. When I saw these lovelies on Oh Joy, I made a mental note to get thee to Zara. Their clothes are cut so small I always feel like an ogre . . . but I'm hoping the green and the blue will suit me.

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