Sunday, January 16, 2011

Glenn Tipton - Sun Kil Moon

Nothing beats a good Jack Spade bag. I first became acquainted with the brand when I stumbled in to their store in NYC many years ago. I remember feeling bashful because it's clearly a man's store but yet I wanted every product I touched. Simple yet, efficient and nicely designed. Recently I've taken to carrying my high school backpack to jobs and ballet classes. I think a tote from Jack Spade will be a nice upgrade. One day, it'd be nice to have a boyfriend who share's my taste and maybe we'll even share a bag! It'll hang out by the door and we'll just grab it and go.

Everything on sale on the website is an additional 25% off until noon. Do it.

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Tricia said...

I have a pair of Jack Spade khakis and they are my favorite! yeah, I know, weird, but they fit me perfect. I got them at TJMaxx ages ago, so perhaps they were a one-off, or sample?!