Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Intentions Paving Company - Joanna Newsom

I love this song. It is one of my absolute favorites from 2010. I've listened to it almost too much. I love other things too. Like this room. Mostly because everything in it is accessible. The light is from IKEA. Butterfly chairs are always in abundance. A red chest of drawers wouldn't be a hard find.

I love this sofa because the kicky green is both cheerful and welcoming however it's size makes it just uncomfortable enough to discourage overnight crashers! I love when people stay over but only those that are dear enough to share my bed (friends and lovers). I won't make you coffee in the morning unless I love you.

(Top photo from Elle magazine . . . glad someone else scanned this in as I was too lazy. Sofa from South of Market)

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L.R. said...

oh I hate overnight guests as well... to set in my routines I guess.

I got the red metal PS cabinet at IKEA for my kitchen and I love it! It has shelves at the midpoint.