Friday, January 7, 2011

Love Like Laughter - Beth Orton

Do you have an ex you can laugh a lot with?
And don't say "I'm friends with all my exes", because that's most likely not true and if it is, you're a bit weird and other girls probably don't like you very much.

I think we all should be allowed one ex that you're allowed to laugh with whenever you see each other (in my case, we occasionally work together and no one at work knows so it's all a bit smiley and secretive). One ex that you can go out to dinner with because it's not a big deal and you can make fun of other exes also swappable with "lament about other exes with". And one ex where it's not awkward when you talk about what went wrong. I don't know how we manage to keep things cool but thank you boyfriend number five. I'll never be your future wife but you're much more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

(Photo: Le Love Blog)


Rebecca said...

I only have 1 ex. I never talk to him. He went to Berkeley and became a hippie, and I went to LA and became, well, not a hippie. We tried to hang out a couple of times, but we ended up just arguing about veganism and animal rights (He's anti-meat, I'm anti-soy products that get shipped thousands of miles in the name of 'environmentalism'). Anyway, after 2 screaming matches, we don't speak. It's a shame, because I do sometimes miss him... not romantically, but just as a human being who I had a lot of fun with at one time.

vina said...

"'re a bit weird and other girls probably don't like you very much."

You speak the truth.