Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reversing - Four Tet

There are a few collections by certain designers that always stand out in my mind. Jil Sander A/W 08 (the coats, the beautiful coats), Marni S/S06 (that dress), Christopher Kane S/S11 (dresses!) and Henry Holland's A/W 2010 is one of them. I get all excited over anything Pantone-looking and this one hit the target. Brilliant colors, cool cuts. I'm a woman of simple taste, but I know what I like. Not to mention the fact that Henry Holland is a barrel of laughs and I enjoy his twitter quips like none other.

I also asked his advice from the Men I Wish I Hadn't Slept With Gay of the Month ask-a-question column. I got a splendid answer too. I'll write about that one day.

But besides all that, these beautiful illustrations from brought back fluid memories of how much I loved that eye popping collection.

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