Thursday, January 27, 2011

Of This I'm Sure - Nina Simone

So this is one of those wonderfully frivolous projects I've been wanting to take on for a long time. Behold! A cabinet to hold my shoes. Feel free to judge the quantity of my collection because this cabinet only holds a sampling. But, it's purpose is to display the prettiest ones (which means only heels because I wear a size 10 and the flats are far too long). I found it from one of those awesome little tucked away shops in Lucketts, Virginia called On A Whim.

Peas and I took one of our little road trips. I've found the key to staying sane during the winter is to get out and about. Preferably with your best friend at your side.

What do you guys think?


Taylor said...

Do I spy Marni wedges? Jealous.

L.R. said...

Oh! I love it! So worth the road trip adventure! It's in such nice condition! I'm envious of those gorgeous shoes too!

joy said...

Shoe closet?! I just have a sad setup in my closet. Hope you are well and staying well.