Friday, February 4, 2011

Bluish - Animal Collective

I am so boring these days. It's so bad, I've had to ban sweatpants from myself during daylight hours. You know things have taken a turn for the worse when you have to make rules about certain clothing items. I've just hit that impossible winter hump that comes every year and makes me think life is awful. In actuality, this feeling passes almost as quickly as it settles in. But since the only time I get dressed now is when I'm working, enjoy!

Sweater - Daryl K.
Dress - James Perse
Necklace and leggings - Anthropologie
Boots - JC Penney's <--- say what!?


L.R. said...

hate the winter blahs... you look fantastic though!

Annie Spandex said...

Thanks so much for the sweet words, Aja! XX
Loving the Daryl K. and boots--good winter outfit.

I did see that Christina Applegate just had a baby. Babies everywhere right now! I'm staying out of the water. ;]