Monday, February 21, 2011

Hein? - Tom Zé

Have you met Mr. Porter?
He's the new guy in town (by way of Net-A-Porter and the Outnet). Dandies beware this site will empty your wallet. What a beautiful selection of men's clothing. That's something I can always appreciate. In the words of a female friend with a penchant for men's clothes, "if I were a dude I would be up to my ears in ____________" . . . feel free to fill in your own vocab. But as a lady who considers herself to be fairly androgynous (at times) I took it upon myself to snap up the Paul Smith socks while shipping is still free (as part of their preview). Because who doesn't need a pair of $30 socks? Don't answer that question.


Tricia said...

Those socks, that sweater. I'd fork out $30 for striped socks like that in a heartbeat.

Matthew Jackson said...

yeah except you'd be broke after buying one 300 EUR shirt.