Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interlude From Orphee - Philip Glass

I love Hermès.
I have loved Hermès since I was a child. As my Mum drove past the store on route seven, I would sit in the backseat wondering what sort of merchandise such a grand looking establishment could hold.
I love the fact that their name gives people trouble. I have heard "Herms", "Hermees" and all sorts of other terrible concoctions of poor french pronunciation.
Well now there's more to love. I haven't looked at the prices of any of their furniture for fear of raising my own blood pressure. But I hope that one day I'll be able to afford a pillow. That is, after I finally buy my watch.

And if I owned that vanity, I would sit at it and admire myself for being a person who owns a Hermès vanity. I'd tell myself, "gurlll you done good". I probably shouldn't admit to such things. Then I would listen to Philip Glass.

It's good to have a plan. Even if it's a vacant one.

(Photos: RDujour)


Rebecca said...

You're absolutely adorable. Mine is a liberty scarf. I saw the one I want this year.

Even if I COULD afford to spend the $600 on it, which I can't, it's sold out. I'm crying inside. All I can hope is that one day when I'm a famous herbalist, I'll find it in a vintage shop :).

K.Line said...

I have always wanted an Hermes scarf. Tried to find one at the Chelsea Market but the ones there were not very chic. Also, 250 bucks - at a freakin' flea market.