Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parallel Minds - Oneohtrix Point Never

Another show, another working weekend.

This morning I was delighted by the prospect of having the office to myself which meant breaking out the Vivienne Westwood top which is too boobalicious for a regular work day. I paired it with Chanel flats and J. Crew cords (bought on sale for $13). As I sat at my computer gazing idly at the screen, my mind wandered off to all the twitter talk about London Fashion Week. I decided to have a quick peek at The Facehunter to see what the pretty folks of London were wearing. The very first picture which popped up on my screen was my dear friend Sofie, who I miss terribly.

It's a bizarre and beautiful world we live in when you can wonder about a friend who is very far away and then check a website to see what they're wearing that very day.

We may live in different worlds but my heart is always in London.


Taylor said...

You look hot! And I love the Chanel flats.

Rebecca said...

Ugg. That's the sexiest work shirt ever.
I want to raid your closet, big time.

K.Line said...

Holy schmoly - amazing top! So sexay!!

WendyB said...

The boobalicious picture isn't loading for me and the suspense is a killer!

cornpuddin said...

That is so funny that Sofie was on facehunter. That chick always had great style. Good to know that she's keeping it up :)

I am BL said...

i just randomly stumbled on your blog... design is dope... well played, ima follow