Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get It Together - Seal

I may have told some of you that I would start including more of my work into this blog (which in the past I've conveniently left out). I try and keep things quiet but I have to share because this last show was SUCH a beautiful, experience. Full of good cheer, team work and a genuine joie de vivre. I'm very proud to call myself the associate producer on shows such as this. I don't take many photographs because I'm there to work . . . but lucky for me . . . Seal takes the most fantastic photos on his super cool Leica and then post them on his Flickr page. If the man weren't already one of the most talented musicians (and all around nice guy), he should definitely turn his eye to photography. Gotta hate those people with talent shooting out of their pores.

The best part of being at the White House is the feeling of everyone being equal. Even the most seasoned celebrity will push you out of the way in order to get a picture of Air Force One landing. Suddenly, everyone's just an excited kid in a candy shop and the hierarchy and sense of "celebrity" disappears. And that makes for a good time.

Please watch In Performance At The White House: The Motown Sound TONIGHT on your local PBS!
Lemme know what you think.


K.Line said...

Those photos are FANTASTIC!

Ag said...

These pics are fabulous! WoW, Seal is a good photographer. But most artist have various artistic talents I've learned over the years....