Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bizness - Tune Yards

Stolen from a friend's blog.
I think my favorite part of this unusual song and video is when the kid is crawling on the floor belting in out in an adult's voice. Sometimes, I love kids.

I am up to my ears in baby names. My brother-in-law made a google document so that the entire family could weight in on the naming of my niece. Naming a child is tricky bizness and nothing seems to be sticking (except the ridiculous names). This morning it would seem the entire family was signed on at the same time, with their two cents, making snarky notes in each others columns. I like that google docs shows revisions in real time. Cornpuddin' kept deleting certain names from my column, the little pain. Hope everyone had an eventful weekend.


vina said...

A. (thoughts during Google Reader) "ooh, who is the friend - ohit'sme!!!"

B. I vote for Avery, Olivia, and Riley.

C. Schnoo. Gurl, for real.

etoilee8 said...

For real. It's the fetus' nickname. I'm all for keeping it on the birth certificate :)

Peas said...

I like Olivia, but Olivia Parlier? Sounds too much like Olivia Palermo.

L.R. said...

Your family is adorable!