Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sun Showers - Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra

It's that time of year again. Everything is in full bloom. I still haven't put my sweaters away yet and unearthed the summer clothes from the containers under the bed. But my nose has finally unstuffed itself and my nagging cough is beginning to subside. I am not quite ready to run around with my legs on display unlike everyone else I know of. Not quite flippy flop weather yet. However this jaunty yellow dress from ASOS says "springtime" without me having to vocally project my joy.

It's a funny thing, wearing bright colors while walking around DC. You're either met with looks of obvious approval or glares of annoyance (as if my dress has ruined someone's day). We are a city of neutrals and black but my goodness, do I enjoy stirring the pot.

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - MAtiko

1 comment:

L.R. said...

That color looks so good on you! I can't pull it off - so jealous!