Monday, May 16, 2011

Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That? - Dolly Parton

There are quite a few things in my closet where I can go through and attest that I will never regret spending money on the pieces (even when I'm broke). Rick Owens is by far one of those designers. No, you don't need everything he's ever made, but a few nice things never hurt anyone. This morning walking into work, I was flooded with compliments on the Rick Owens wrap I was wearing. I find in most cases rather than not, chatting with people about fashion immediately disarms them.

But the best was when I walked in to ballet class wearing the black jacket featured here, and a girl that I had previously smiled at and made chit chat with exclaimed, "Is that Rick Owens!!??"
I smiled grandly.
"Wanna try it on??"

Instant friends for life!



i totally need everything he's ever made! :)

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E said...

Oh my God, you just described, in detail, my deepest darkest fantasy! What I wouldn't give for that cape. I have one of his jersey Lilies gowns and I love it beyond compare. Most elegant creation ever.