Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bluebeard - Cocteau Twins

"Your sister came over today and ate an entire carton of my blueberries just as quietly as a thief in the night. And no. Before you ask, it was not a small carton".

"Wait, wait don't tell me. She blamed it on the baby".


Blueberries are one of those amazing super foods that you should never deny yourself. They taste of summertime, good vibes and beautiful mornings (like this Cocteau Twins song). I enjoy mine in my oatmeal. Because I often feel guilty buying seasonal food out of season, I keep my freezer stocked with them. I first melt a dollop of butter in the pot. Then I add a generous spoonful of brown sugar. I add the frozen blueberries and allow them to soak up some of the butter and sugar while they melt. I never measure my oats because it doesn't really matter, I just stir in amount that looks like a small bowl. Last the milk, turn down the heat and stir. Voila. A fast, tasty, healthy breakfast in a matter of minutes.

Eat your blueberries, dears. Just don't eat your Mum's and blame it on your fetus.


L.R. said...

That's so cute and your oatmeal sounds great! I've been enjoying frozen blueberries in limeade and vodka!

When I was little and gorged on fruits or veggies, my folks were always encouraging - "eat it all! the store is full of it!"

Chips and cheeseburgers not so much.

vina said...

Ah, that sounds delicious! I've been on an oatmeal kick lately too: whole grain barley/flax/oats with scallions, cilantro and a fried egg.

Totally going to try the blueberry thing now. I will do it, take a photo, and then link your blog.

That chips and cheesebugers thing doesn't sound half bad either.

Ashley said...

Your way of cooking oatmeal sounds soooo delicious, I'm going to try it that way next time!


Taylor said...

AHHH GOD I AGREE WITH YOU. And watermelon, especially watermelon and blueberries when you are hung over with greek yogurt.