Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bonnie and Clyde - Serge Gainsbourg

Mike and Lisa are that couple that most people are envious of. Day jobs and passions! In the 'burbs, you don't always come across that, so when you find it, you stick together like glue. We were first introduced at a wedding where Peas was my date. We all sat at the same table and it's been friendship ever since. I love these two so much that when I hear they called up my parents and went out to brunch with them while I was out of town, it tickles my funny bone. We're all at an age where everything just plateaus and we are one of the same, both parents and kids.

So when Lisa told me they were doing an anniversary shoot with a Bonnie and Clyde theme to make up for their wedding photos (which they weren't pleased with), I was totally loading my shot gun and rarin' to go. APC to the rescue! Pulling clothes for this fun shoot is about as close as I'm going to get to an actual fashion shoot, so I went to town collecting everything brown and creme from my wardrobe. The result was extraordinary! And I'm so happy when my clothes get more use. I want them to have a life well worn.

All photos by Procopio Photography.

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