Friday, June 17, 2011

Rise - Craig Armstrong

It's safe to assume that ballet is my healthy addiction. The more I dance, the better I become, the better I become, the more I want to dance. See how that works? It is an insatiable desire. It has been a most positive and beautiful influence on my life, even when times are rough and I can't seem to find the light. This week has been yet another doozy filled seven days with more downs than ups. One of my most favorite teachers (and friends) taught her last class before she moves to NYC. She and I hugged and she told me that watching my improvement in two years has been completely rewarding for her. It made my eyes water. But next week I'll be in San Francisco! And I'm definitely looking to take a ballet class while I'm there. Anyone got any suggestions? Many thanks in advance, loveys.

(All photos by Christopher Peddecord)


jamie-lee said...

wow, these shots are freaking incredible!

K.Line said...

Unbelievable photos. Half aspirational. Have envy-inspiring!