Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hard Headed Woman - Cat Stevens

I was never really one for licking my wounds. It doesn't feel nice and it is metaphorically soggy. The best advice I can give you is to not spend too much time wallowing in self pity. It will only drag you down, blinding you to opportunities in which you could laugh at life. Because most things are pretty funny when the appropriate time has passed. So reach into your closet, pull out that dress you haven't worn (because it probably needs a hem) and go out to brunch with the two friends that you can always get guaranteed laughter from the power of three. Smile bashfully when your one friend introduces you to a really famous journalist, secretly wish you had worn something with a little more coverage (the back dips frightfully low), but then revoke that thought because whatever happens, you still feel beautiful and not as precious as you once were. And that feeling should be treasured and kept in your back pocket for when you most need it.

Dress from H&M.

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K.Line said...

Gorgeous photos! And just focus on that new little baby you will have in your family soon :-)