Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Planet Home - Jamirouquai

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There was an earthquake y'all. I was wearing these Chloe sandals. Important details, guys.

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Putting fashion aside for a brief moment, nothing too terrible happened. When I was in the moment, I was surprisingly calm (it was the thought of a more powerful quake which freaked me out later). I first had thoughts of displacement because it felt like airplane turbulence (my old nemesis) and then I thought "this is an earthquake and you need to get off twitter now".

I turned to my roommate Alejo and said "Grab the dog, we're getting out of here". So he put on Sasha's leash and we shot out the door. In the cul-de-sac of my neighborhood, neighbors were gathered and talking nervously among themselves. My Mum had Piper who was digging her claws into the ground refusing to budge (the dog may never poop again, she was so terrified). The phone lines were tied for at least an hour so it was hard to get through to people. The only real positive thing I can say about today is that it's an amazingly humanizing experience. Suddenly every stupid thing is pushed to the far corners of your mind and all you want to do is hug your loved ones and be happy no one was hurt. You comfort your neighbors. You hug their kids. You laugh about your "first response". But above all today made me pay respect to the all powerful earth, who sometimes I believe just barely tolerates human kind.


Amanda said...

well put :) my heart leaped out of my body when i felt it in nyc... i had no idea what was going on!

L.R. said...

Wasn't it crazy? I leaped from my laptop, the cats scattered, and stood in my mom's bedroom doorway holding on and watching her in case I needed to do one of those amazing adrenaline feats and beast her out of bed and carry her through a collapsing house. It wouldn't end over here!
So glad everyone's okay!

Siubhan said...

Wow, that must have been so weird. I've never experienced an earthquake, so I find it really hard to imagine. I hope your poor dog is ok!