Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Clothes - Animal Collective

Saturday was a nice, low key day for barging on the lake. (You didn't know I live on a lake)? And barging pairs perfectly with floppy sunhats and beer. My roommates and I even picked up a couple of stragglers along the way.

I'm already planning next summer's wardrobe and I've decided I definitely want a pair of shorts from Orlebar Brown if my bank account will allow for it. I'm convinced due to the price that they must be made out of magical unicorn hair. Or maybe they just fit perfectly. Either way, I want 'em.

Everything was going honky dory until it was time to get out of the water and we realized our borrowed barge didn't have a ladder! Uh oh. My roommate and brother-in-law (James) offered me a two armed pull out of the water, except they didn't pull hard enough and I ended up slamming into the side of the barge. One leg on board, one leg in the water. And yes, you know what I hit.

I scrambled up on the platform and whimpered for a minute or two before announcing that I was "okay". But my older sister (who can never leave well enough alone) had to lean in my direction and whisper in a low tone "So, does your ______ hurt?" I looked at her and replied with an impish smile and a wink, "Not as much as yours' will in a week."


Rebecca said...

Omg I'm laughing to f**ing hard. Hope your ____ feels better.

L.R. said...

Meow! Hot mama! OMG you are pure evil and I love it!

Peas said...

And that looks like a lovely day.

etoilee8 said...

The thing I love about my older sister is that when I said that, she laughed heartily and agreed.