Friday, August 19, 2011

That's The Way - Rita Marley

She's Having A Baby
The good friend edition.
My dear sweet friend in Norway gave birth to a little boy yesterday. But not before she sat through twelve hours of contractions only to find nothing was going on. Her water had not even broke. Frustrated and tired, she was told by the hospital the best thing she could do was wait it out, at home. "Home" was two hours away, so ever a girl after my own heart . . . she went shopping instead. She bought a coat, a sweater and some mascara all while having small contractions. Then she went back to the hospital and pushed that little boy out like it ain't no thing. I don't think her picks looked anything like this but here are a few items I enjoy in order to illustrate her story. Dior Show I keep at the sink so I know to apply it before leaving the house.

I love, love, love my friends because I gain valuable insight from all of them. This friend in particular has the keen ability to just get through life while never making a large fuss about anything. I want to adopt her attitude towards pretty much everything.


L.R. said...

What a badass! A woman after my own heart! Congrats to your friend!

etoilee8 said...

She was super badass! I was pretty proud too!