Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cannons - Little Scream

2011/08 Anna Rascouët-Paz | Gathering the Dots from San Francisco Creative Mornings on Vimeo.

I have been feeling completely uninspired lately. A bit like I was failing at life. Obviously I am not only one feeling this way. I watched my roommate's dog bark aimlessly out the window at any living thing which passed our house yesterday afternoon. It felt a bit like a metaphor for my life. Barking at no one in particular and afraid to let myself out.

This video lecture given by Anna Rascouët-Paz about curiousity had a lot of great points. No, I'm not curious enough. (Though I did know why there is upset in Chile). I tend to hold my own opinion with much higher regard than I probably should. And I don't argue with people because often I end up annoyed or upset. It leads me to conclude that I need to refocus and change my way of thinking. And only I have the power to change those things. Because as the annoying quote goes "today is the first day of the rest of your life".

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