Monday, October 31, 2011

Infinity Girl - Stereolab

I am pretty sure this girl is wearing the beautiful Carven skirt which I sent back to the Outnet over the weekend. Beautiful skirt, yet so small I felt like a sausage squeezed into casing. Not a good look. Back you go. C'est dommage!

(Photo: That Kind Of Woman)

Great Pumpkin Waltz - Vince Guaraldi Trio

My roommate Alejo decorated our house in the span of an evening. No elaborate planning but awesome execution. The ghosts were made with clear plastic bags. We of course had to jerry rig one from our open steps for trick or treaters with fishing line. When the childen would knock I would move the ghost around on a fishing pole from the platform. Of course none of the kids were at all impressed (they just wanted their candy), but we were amused so whatever!

Happy Halloween!

Were all your childhood holidays punctuated with a Charlie Brown Special, like mine were? It was something I really looked forward to.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Break - Aim

This shoot from Vogue Travel is probably one of my most favorite fashion spreads I've seen in a while. Yesterday as my roommate was recalling all the traveling she and the hub will do this year (seven trips, y'all, SEVEN . . . three international), I found myself smiling with slight envy tucked away behind it. I'm not going anywhere, probably until next summer. What about you?

But back to the clothes . . . this shoot is so colorful and makes me crave a red skirt like nobody's business. As you might know, one of my life goals is to one day look put-together when I travel (instead of cagey and anxious). I think I do okay, but never like this. Not really shooting high with the life goals, am I? Well it's a fashion blog! Nothing really profound here . . .

(Photos: from R Du Jour)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Un Sospiro in D Flat Major - Franz Liszt (played by Lang Lang)

But there are moments where I do like what I do despite all the moaning and kvetching done on the side. There are moments when I get in my car to drive to my part time job only to find that my local classical radio station is playing pieces from the new Lang Lang cd, Liszt, My Piano Hero. There are moments when I look down and grin to myself, reflecting on the previous week and how my life is full of happy coincidences. There are moments when you sit in room with someone who is endlessly more gifted than you are and they're fun to watch.

As David, the director gave Lang Lang stage directions, I sat in the corner, taking notes. He listened, smiled and kept a lively conversation all while playing a beautiful sonata from memory but never breaking focus from his conversation with us. I'm not so easily won over. But I was impressed by just that tiny, little quiet moment.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Next Phase Short - Flying Lotus

There is something to be said about visual branding. The yellow laces. Because when that Russian girl stepped on my train at BWI Airport, jabbering loudly on her phone and wearing these boots . . . I knew I had to have them and I knew exactly where to buy them. They'll be arriving in the mail sometime this week. They're lined with wool on the inside. And if you didn't know, they'll be kicking longer than you and I will, most likely. My first pair of Doc Martens, I bought when I was 14. It's the classic mary jane style and recently I dusted them off. It's funny how we always come back to the things we love.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If You Were Coming In The Fall - Carli Bruni

Whenever I wear Rick Owens to work, I come home and I want to buy more Rick Owens. Why? Because it is the thing you can throw on over anything and look put together. A coworker referred to my wrap today it as an fashionable snuggie. You damn right it is. Sure, he does the odd terrible boot which I laugh about but for the most part I think he does pretty much everything right. How much would I love to own that orange dress? A lot. Added to the wish list.

Of course I have my eye on this. Stop judging me.

(Photos from: The Outnet and Style)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All Apologies - Nirvana

I am so easily distracted. All the time. As I'm writing this I'm flipping back and forth between gchat and texting with another and listening the Ahman Jamal and . . .

(Video from: Nowness but I'm pretty sure it's a deleted scene from the Miranda July film, The Future)

Disorder - Joy Division

"Ian is a professional man, secure in his sexuality and proud of his body".

Ian Stevenson's biography reached out to me in a special sort of way. The same way his art does. It makes me think it would be an excellent investment if only because it would bring a smile to my face, every time I saw it hanging on the wall. And I smile, thinking how my prim and proper Mother would would wrinkle up her lips, every time she felt forced to look at it, hanging on my living room wall. To use Mr. Stevenson's favorite word, she would look like perhaps she ate a shit sandwich.

Boots of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan

I have a new friend whom I enjoy good long conversations with. There's something exciting about new friendships and relationships. It's that lovely little place where you can find no fault with the person and they keep you pleasantly entertained and occasionally surprised. I hope we don't get bored of each other any time soon. Today we were on the topic of boots and he mentioned that he was in the market for a good pair. Always eager to help a friend out (especially in the sartorial department), I turned to my favorite site for all things man, Mr. Porter.

The top row is Quoddy and Grenson. I love Quoddy because their shoes look extremely durable and they make the sweetest looking moccasins which I can't quite commit to due to owning three pairs of moccasins already. Grenson I hadn't heard of, but I look forward to seeing more from them. I think these boots could work well with both denim and peeking out from under work slacks.

The bottom row is Belstaff and Ralph Lauren. The Belstaff boots are quite teddy boy meanwhile the Ralph Lauren boots look like they would last you for at least 10+ years.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wondaland - Janelle Monáe

There is something very modern, with a touch of old fashion about Janelle Monáe. Make no mistakes, her songs and musical style are absolute redbrick but something in the way she crones takes me back to another time. Her style as always is impeccable because she knows what she likes and she sticks with it. And of course, she's smart as a whip. Her explanation of albums Metropolis and The ArchAndroid made my eyes well up with tears. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good story (. . . and everything makes me cry these days). Either way, here's Miss Monáe wearing some awesome clothes and her signature, pensive stare.

(The photos came from Essence magazine by way of My Fashion Life)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Arabeske for piano in C major, Op. 18 - Robert Schumann

Someone recently asked me what my favorite Balanchine piece is. I don't play favorites with ballet but when it comes to a tad bit tarty and fun, I think Rubies from Jewels represents. Check out all that hip action and flirtation. I love when the two dancers high five each other.

I just realized I am working 14 days straight in a row! Madness. But very much needed. It's either feast or famine with me. I will try to keep things up to snuff around here, but if I fail, don't be too hard on me. Life is fluid and I'm just trying to run with it.

Speaking of ruby, I really want to give these reds from Scotch Naturals a try. Has anyone tried their polish before? Any reviews? I think they have an awesome palette for fall.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oúlamán (Seaweed) - Clannad

I accidentally deleted this beautiful post so I shall try and recall it from my memory.

Mont Saint Michel is one of those places where when you visit it, you will remember it for the rest of your life. My family traveled there by car and when we stumbled out of our rented minivan, we weren't quite prepared for the cold, rainy breeze which would slap out faces. We were dressed like typical American tourists in the 90's (horribly) and I wore a wind parka which I kept pulling up over my ears. As we approached the island, I clutched my Grammy's hand (she accompanied us on a few vacations), and tried to capture the memory and store it away in my heart, overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. The wind, the smell of sea, grass and rain and the beauty of the island in the distance. It was the first time in my life I longed to hold on to a moment.

Mont St. Michel makes the type of clothing I feel you should be wearing when stumbling upon some place so magical. Warm, wooly, rustic simplicity.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Within and Without - Washed Out

Someone I know, once told me told me some time ago, what to do when your heart is heavy and you want to call the person who's doing the damage. I still find this advice quite relevant even today. Write their number on a slip of paper and then immediately delete their information from your phone. Take the slip of paper and fold it (feel free to use the provided heart note tutorial). Find the most dense and heaviest book on your to-read pile and flip it open to the middle, placing the paper inside. If you want to contact the person again, you must read the book until you reach the page you've placed their number within. If four years passes and you still haven't even cracked open the book, it means it really didn't matter as much as you thought it did at the time. And yes. Turns out it didn't matter, at all.

Now whoever inherits my books will find them littered with boy's telephone numbers at the rate I'm going.

Oh and the last part of this exercise, go wash your face, listen to some Washed Out and quit feeling sorry for yourself. It's unbecoming.

Friday, October 7, 2011

La La Love You - Pixies

You guuuys. I can't help myself. I can't stop wearing this sweater. I love it so much. I have to tell myself, "you can't wear this anymore, people will think it's the only thing you own and it will start to smell bad . . . really you have closet of nice stuff, just stop it. Put it away. Right now, Missy."

But I can't help my myself . . .

Sweater - Pringle of Scotland
Dress - Permanent Vacation
Shoes - Old Navy

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back To My Shack In The Rain Clouds - Pogo

Hey Princess, where's the party? Because let's face it, these frocks by Chanel SS12 are champagne ready. I probably won't wear your futuristic space boots or those floppy looking sandals (which look like they might dig into your feet a little).

Instead, I'll pair these lovely gowns with these Valentino D'Orsay pumps.

Saying "frock" makes one sound pretentious, doesn't it? FROCK, FROCK, FROCK.

(Photos from Style and Style Me Pretty)

Thank You - Todd Edwards

Sometimes I reassess the material items in my life and take stock of the excess. I think it's a healthy habit. Last week I made a list of the top five material items in my life, which I think I use the most. Cost per use, if you please. My iPod ranked up at numero uno. At this point, every use cost less than a penny because of how often I use it (pretty much all day every day). What is life without music? It's timely I should have come to this conclusion last week. Thank you Steve Jobs for making all of our lives, a little bit easier. You will be missed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oslo Skyline - Jaga Jazzists

I want someone to come and warm my heart before winter comes and I get too cold to love.

(Photos from Gens Du Monde)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ribbon Bows - Joanna Newsom

Wouldn't it be great to be muse to Tsumori Chisato? Clicking through her spring/summer 2012 collection made me think I would happily wear nearly anything she made. She's got a great eye for color and she manages to do precious while maintaining a real womanly presence. If I see that white dress or the patchwork dress next spring I will most definitely have to try both on.

(Photos: Style)

A Series of Small Flames - Land of Talk

I don't know about you but one of my favorite fall activities include walking around with my headphones on, watching the world around me transition. Fall is a really good time for listening to really great music and I have a couple of albums which always do the trick. What are you Sweets listening to?

Land of Talk, Cloak and Cipher

I've been overplaying this album since I bought it. Elizabeth Powell's voice speaks to me in this way that's hard to describe. It's both powerful and warm. When I take the dog for walks, our soundtrack is Quarry Hymns. The music reminds me of the warm autumn sunlight we dance in and the lyrics remind me that even though this week has been awful we just keep plugging away. The world doesn't stop for sadness. And if you like the vocal layering The Hate I Won't Commit will grab you by the lapels.

Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man, Out of Season

If you were that kid on the school bus who always ignored everyone and listened to Portishead, than you'll like this album as an adult. A more mature Beth Gibbons expands her range and loses some of the electronic beats while gaining some full orchestra. Sand River is the absolute winner for this time of year.

John Coltrane, My Favorite Things

I don't think I should have to sell you on this one. If you can't listen to My Favorite Things without understanding how it's perfect for autumn (or really any day you're cruising with the windows down), I just can't help you. I know you get it though. I don't surround myself with idiots.

(Photos: Amazon and That Kind of Woman)