Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boots of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan

I have a new friend whom I enjoy good long conversations with. There's something exciting about new friendships and relationships. It's that lovely little place where you can find no fault with the person and they keep you pleasantly entertained and occasionally surprised. I hope we don't get bored of each other any time soon. Today we were on the topic of boots and he mentioned that he was in the market for a good pair. Always eager to help a friend out (especially in the sartorial department), I turned to my favorite site for all things man, Mr. Porter.

The top row is Quoddy and Grenson. I love Quoddy because their shoes look extremely durable and they make the sweetest looking moccasins which I can't quite commit to due to owning three pairs of moccasins already. Grenson I hadn't heard of, but I look forward to seeing more from them. I think these boots could work well with both denim and peeking out from under work slacks.

The bottom row is Belstaff and Ralph Lauren. The Belstaff boots are quite teddy boy meanwhile the Ralph Lauren boots look like they would last you for at least 10+ years.


Peas said...

J.Crew has nice boots for men this fall to. And they carry Quoddy for a little less.

L.R. said...

oooh you have great taste in men's shoes! I've been trying to sway the bf into getting some like the top right but he is not feeling it. Bummertown.