Friday, October 14, 2011

Arabeske for piano in C major, Op. 18 - Robert Schumann

Someone recently asked me what my favorite Balanchine piece is. I don't play favorites with ballet but when it comes to a tad bit tarty and fun, I think Rubies from Jewels represents. Check out all that hip action and flirtation. I love when the two dancers high five each other.

I just realized I am working 14 days straight in a row! Madness. But very much needed. It's either feast or famine with me. I will try to keep things up to snuff around here, but if I fail, don't be too hard on me. Life is fluid and I'm just trying to run with it.

Speaking of ruby, I really want to give these reds from Scotch Naturals a try. Has anyone tried their polish before? Any reviews? I think they have an awesome palette for fall.


Whitney Soup said...

I LOVE SCHUMANN!! i used to want to become a concert pianist. :)

L.R. said...

I'd never heard of this polish before but did find this review online:

It's a great concept! I can't imagine a nail polish with no scent and with only a few ingredients!

Enjoy your nice paycheck! :)