Thursday, October 27, 2011

Un Sospiro in D Flat Major - Franz Liszt (played by Lang Lang)

But there are moments where I do like what I do despite all the moaning and kvetching done on the side. There are moments when I get in my car to drive to my part time job only to find that my local classical radio station is playing pieces from the new Lang Lang cd, Liszt, My Piano Hero. There are moments when I look down and grin to myself, reflecting on the previous week and how my life is full of happy coincidences. There are moments when you sit in room with someone who is endlessly more gifted than you are and they're fun to watch.

As David, the director gave Lang Lang stage directions, I sat in the corner, taking notes. He listened, smiled and kept a lively conversation all while playing a beautiful sonata from memory but never breaking focus from his conversation with us. I'm not so easily won over. But I was impressed by just that tiny, little quiet moment.

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