Sunday, October 9, 2011

Within and Without - Washed Out

Someone I know, once told me told me some time ago, what to do when your heart is heavy and you want to call the person who's doing the damage. I still find this advice quite relevant even today. Write their number on a slip of paper and then immediately delete their information from your phone. Take the slip of paper and fold it (feel free to use the provided heart note tutorial). Find the most dense and heaviest book on your to-read pile and flip it open to the middle, placing the paper inside. If you want to contact the person again, you must read the book until you reach the page you've placed their number within. If four years passes and you still haven't even cracked open the book, it means it really didn't matter as much as you thought it did at the time. And yes. Turns out it didn't matter, at all.

Now whoever inherits my books will find them littered with boy's telephone numbers at the rate I'm going.

Oh and the last part of this exercise, go wash your face, listen to some Washed Out and quit feeling sorry for yourself. It's unbecoming.


L.R. said...

I hate to think of you with a heavy heart. Great advice though. I'm learning with age that having that last word isn't worth it. They're usually such crappy people in the first place that you'll just end up looking crazy and they really don't care... because if they did...
Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Papier Girl said...

I like this. You could also go with my advice. Leave the person's number in your phone, but change their name to "Dumb Ass" or "Guy That's No Good for Me," or something that will make you think twice before pressing the "Call" button. I did this with my ex--his name was "You're Dumb, I'm Awesome." And it worked. It's still in my phone, years later, and when I roll across it, I feel proud that I'm able to giggle over something that once made me cry my eyes out.