Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept.

I nearly screamed at my desk when I read this. Instead I screamed on twitter and I rarely find it necessary to use all caps. I haven't been into designer collaborations recently. It's not that I don't like them, it's that often they carry a pricetag nearly as steep as the regular high end merchandise on sale . . . so it all seems a bit counter productive? I mean people selling low grade Missoni scarves on eBay for higher than a really gorgeous one at Nordstrom Rack makes no sense to me.

But I pretty much love everything Marni puts on the runway and I'm prepared to (sigh) . . . even wait in line for it.

I really have my fingers crossed that there will be lots of cool accessories similar to this sold out horn and flower necklace from The Outnet. Marni's jewelry always catches my eye but rarely does my wallet agree with me that I need a $900 wood necklace.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Admit It - Ambitious Lovers

I always like the selection of stationary and paper goods from Lazy Oaf, but this year their holiday cards are really ace!

Speaking of holidays, my darling younger sister Cornpuddin' has sent around her annual Christmas/Birthday list. Each year is more amazing than the next. Because you see, my sister is quite a serious girl. Quite serious about you buying things for her. The real stand out gems from this year's list include: an all expenses paid European vacation and a good boyfriend. Which is curious because I want those things too . . . (strokes chin . . . )

Thursday, November 24, 2011


These two things made me chuckle. Enjoy your turkey day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As Me - Land of Talk

Today is a gloomy, blue day outside. Unlike this bright pop of blue on these khakis.

I will definitely be trying this Honestly WTF DIY Tutorial for the spring time. Those who know me well, understand my love for all things color blocked. One commenter mentioned that they might try this in green. What a great idea! Mint green or an emerald would be most excellent. Either way, this is being filed away in the back of my mind. I would make a special note to buy some chinos thrifted, just in case you hate the result. No need to make a rash decision and ruin the expensive Acnes.

I'm already daydreaming about spring returning to us. You?

(All photos: HonestlyWTF and Streetfsn)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Edgy of Glory - Lady Gaga

The prices are steep but the pieces are sweet.

Lady Gaga X Erickson Beamnon for Barneys. All around the $1k mark. I myself love everything here. It's exactly what I look for in jewelry. Silver and noisy.

Down In The Willow Garden - Art Garfunkel

I recently had my first Jack Wills experience, on my trip to Philadelphia for work. I found the store to be full of easy-to-wear pieces with equally easy to swallow prices, though it did feel a little young for me (I'm in my late twenties). And then . . . (oh yes, what a satisfying little pause that was) walking back to my car from a party recently, I passed the Jack Wills store in Georgetown. Geez, these places are popping up like forest mushrooms. Imagine my surprise when I found out Aubin & Wills (whom I just recently purchased a top from) was the same company. Okay, I really wasn't that surprised at all. It made total sense. But Aubin and Wills carries some cute stuff and I seem to have an affinity for foxes these days . . .

At The Edge Of The World You Will Float - Telefon Tel Aviv

"Enjoy it while it lasts."
You can say that again.

Lars Von Trier sure knows how to sound like a bit of a grump. I never know what to make of people who can shit all over their own hard work in an instance. I suppose they're pretty humourous to me and I do find self criticism to be revealing. Thankfully, Von Trier did make a "woman's film" because I ate that shit up with a silver spoon. In such a timely moment when you can't help but to think about the end of the world (climate change, Nibiru, end of days, whatever you want to believe), I took comfort in this film. Though it had a cold feeling overall, there was something about it that felt affirming and vaguely warm. Maybe it was the relationship between Gainsbourg and Dunst. Or maybe it was just, the blunt, sharp script.

"I think your plan is shit."

I do know, a few weeks ago, I was driving with a ballet friend when I blurted out that I had finally come to terms with the idea of the world ending. I expected her to look at me, absolutely horrified as if to say "Who is this horrible creature, I'm holed up in a car with?" But to my surprise, she agreed with me. And for that brief moment there was a closeness in the car, which was unmistakable.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Time - Mackintosh Braun

Do you ever buy an item where you have to make yourself stop physically reaching for it, when you go to get dressed in the morning? This Junya Watanabe piece is exactly that for me. I keep telling myself I can't wear it three days in a row, mostly because that's kind of gross. I first tried it on at the Commes Des Garcons store in Manhattan in 2008. But knowing that I could never afford it at full retail price, I took it off quickly. Three years later, ask on eBay and you shall receive. Today when I wore it to brunch with my parents, my mother took one look at it and declared "I don't understand your jacket." I smiled and said "It's cool, I don't understand your sartorial decisions either." And then we both laughed because it was utterly and painfully true. But my smile was large and grand because having my mother not understand my clothing means that I am not as old and crotchety as I feel!
Jacket from Junya Watanabe (salivated over and well worth the wait). Sloppy pants from J. Crew (only made sloppy because I am wearing them). Shoes from Marni (who seems to scoop up all my shoe money these days).

Friday, November 18, 2011

To Build A Home - Cinematic Orchestra

Usually I try to give you some music for Friday (. . . or that's what I'm gunning for in the upcoming months). Today I stumbled across this video and had to share it. First I was captivated by her face. She is stunning but where have I seen her before? That's right, the last page of Vogue recently! I saved it. Because I liked the clothes and her face. But besides the superficial, I find Lucy Chadwick's lifestyle fascinating. Sometimes you watch these fashiony videos and a good deal of them are vacant and leave you with nothing more than pretty thoughts which are fleeting and not at all monumental. It's like chewing a stick of bubble gum. In this video, from The Selby and Zara, I fell in love with Lucy and Duffy's lifestyle. This video is like oatmeal on a cold morning. It fills you up in a most warm and delicious way. And there have been times in my life where I've felt myself skimming the surface, as Chadwick speaks of. I am better now and I think part of that had to do with leaving the city. Hmmm. What's on the agenda for the weekend, loveys?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Do What We Want - O+S

Bought. Don't even give me flack for it. I love the fact that every winter, Rick Owens rarely changes what's on the menu. You know what you're going to get. It's a credit to him because it makes his designs timeless in a way. I know I already have this jacket in tan. I also know that my tan jacket is getting beadied and a little pilled, though to it's credit, it is five years old. Oh yes and that the dry cleaners did a number on it. (L.R., it lost it's puffiness, which is part of the magic). So buy it again? Well, you know me . . . Purchased from The Outnet, where I seem to buy all my clothes these days. I'm pretty boring, I guess. Update: It's being returned. The grey doesn't pop as I expected it to. The color is muted and not that pretty on me. Plus, I like the collar of my tan jacket better. Damn.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teenie's Blues - Oliver Nelson

Awww shit. Is it really almost time for the Olympics again already? That sure snuck up on us, didn't it? And I've just realized how much this event will mess with my summer plans. Bah humbug. I recall sitting around in 2003 with my cynical Brit friends talking about what a possible shitshow the Olympics in London might be. Though I was secretly relieved when DC was out of the running. Better you guys than us! It seemed so far away and that conversation seems so long ago. Well the posters have been unveiled and I think they're really quite beautiful, despite the criticism they've received. They're available for purchase here, if you're interested.

My favorite three from above are by Martin Creed, Bridget Riley and Howard Hodgkin.

Dances Fantastic - Neva Dinova

Peas remember that time when we went to the Refinery29 DC Launch party and one apple cider vodka drink later, you had purchased a large leather clutch? After we sobered up with calamari and soup from a nearby restaurant, you exclaimed "I can't believe you let me buy a bag with no handle. I'm not allowed to drink at these events anymore."

"But you wanted it so badly."
"Whatever, you're fired."
"Fired from what?"
"I don't even know."

Peas I love you. Just the way you are.

DC brought it's A game to Madewell on November 3rd. Meanwhile Peas and I just brought our wallets. (We also brought the Phil Collins jam party in the car ride there, so take a look at me now). Clutch photo from Madewell

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tape You - N*E*R*D

I know EXACTLY what that Style editor means. Comme Des Garcons scents might not sit nicely with you at first. The first time I smelled Calamus, I remember going "gross. . . . smells like freshly cut weeds from my parent's yard." But the second time I smelled it, I suddenly felt the urge to bathe in it. I then scoured the internet like a lunatic until I found it. Even though this new fragrance has hints of scotch tape and glue, I imagine my reaction will be very much the same. Hating it at first, but then wanting to splash around in it while simultaneously rubbing myself with packing tape later. You know how that goes.

(Photo: from Style)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Bait - Nina Simone

Do you know how long it's been since I bought myself a new bag? Years. Seriously. I've been using freebie Knoll furniture tote bags mostly to cart my stuff around and they do the trick, but the sturdiest one is wearing a hole in it. So I'm looking into the possibility of getting a new bag. I love these canvas bags from Baggu. They come in a multitude of colors. But you know what I love the most? The $22 price tag!

But in the pricier range, I love this leather bag from Nikki Giling. I was never a fan of leather bags with too much hardware and decorative extras. This fills my desire to keep things as minimal as possible.

And if we're really talking about breaking the bank, why not just go all out with this swell Rachel Comey leather satchel? It might weigh in at $648 but it fills all my needs in a bag. Simplistic and huge. What's not to love?

Who makes your favorite bag?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blu Eye Shadow - Arto Lindsay

I love the way Marcella Gutiérrez's paints. Her work has a nice 80's style, but she leaves splashes of color here and there. And in a world where making a living from your art is often unheard of, Gutiérrez sounds pretty busy. On top of a recent collaborations with Prada (she did the walls of the flagship store recently) she's got a future collaborations with Rankin lined up! Here's to that.

Illustrations from here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liquid Days (Part One) - Philip Glass

Because I did so well at not spending money in NYC over the weekend, I had to go and blow it at Body Shop in Union Station while waiting for my Dad. The Body Shop is always such a good deal (sales, sales and more sales) but besides the frugality factor, certain smells always remind me of certain friends. Because it's an international chain, I go in and smell my teenage friends. Marilyn smells like that perfume, Kate used to wear that sunblock and Aisha once loved that body butter. It's a smell trip down memory lane.

These two scents are delicious and ever so light, like the notes of a flute. Plus the packaging is delightful.

Aloe & Linen smells so fresh that it reminds me of newly laundered sheets. Meanwhile Vanilla & Tonka Bean is sweet but elegantly spicy. (And I usually HATE vanilla scented anything). But I do tend to go for musky scents when the temperature drops. Both are such a good deal because you can use them in your room, on your sheets or on your body. You can't go wrong with a three for one!

Hey Boy, Hey Girl - The Chemical Brothers

Androgyny is probably one of my most favorite topics. There are days when I am dressed ultra feminine, but when I'm not (70% of the time) . . . I tend to sway that fine line where my clothing could fit nicely on a boy with a delicate features. Maybe it's the warm daydream of having a boyfriend who likes the same things as I do or perhaps it's the idea of a shared wardrobe and more space overall . . . but I for one have always thought (even when I was wee child . . . and yes, I thought a great deal about these things) that sexuality defined was too constricting in style of dress. And the older I get, the more confirmed my beliefs are that the ability to dress how we choose, live how we choose and love who we choose are among the most basic of human rights.

This affectionate shoot was styled by Michael Hennegan for oki-ni and is making me crave some winter cuddling. Oki-ni is one of those sites which I subscribe to because I love the clothes. Even though technically they are "menswear". Eh, who's to say?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shake A Fist - Hotchip

I love all of these dresses from Pixie Market but there seems to be a lack of size larges on that entire site. Why is that? Do they just sell out quickly?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carol of the Bells - The Bird and the Bee

So the stores would like us to believe that it's right around the corner. But with the recent snowfall, it does feel right around the corner. And quite frankly, I can't wait. It's going to be baby's first Christmas. And it's going to be utterly magical. Have you started your shopping? These ornaments are on my list.

(Photo: from Whiskey Soaked Cherries)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Innervoice - Hooverphonic

While visiting Philadelphia recently, I found myself with time to kill and wandered over to Barney's Co-Op. There's a reason why I avoid that place.

Upon scanning the racks, I came across this Alexander Wang sweater. At first I giggled. The peplum does slightly resemble a tail while it's hanging on the rack, looking at you like a defeated kangaroo. But always one to put my money where my mouth is, I decided to try it on. Low and behold, it fits like a glove and it's so flattering. I caught myself walking towards the register like a zombie, Barney's card in hand, before I snapped out of the sweater's spell and said loudly enough for the salesgirl to hear me, "what the hell are you doing?"

I quickly put the sweater down and ran out of the store. I am no longer allowed to get mad, if random strangers think I'm insane. I do it to myself.

(Photo: from Barneys)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Call For All Demons - Sun Ra

It's the first day of November which means we're officially entering the holiday season (depending on the department stores you frequent). I'd like to take this moment to remind you that as you go forth towards December, not to act like jerks, like the men in these commercials. I am 150% sure the basic principle of life is to be grateful and kind.

They'd be making their own coffee if it were me they were dealing with. Happy November!