Monday, November 28, 2011

Admit It - Ambitious Lovers

I always like the selection of stationary and paper goods from Lazy Oaf, but this year their holiday cards are really ace!

Speaking of holidays, my darling younger sister Cornpuddin' has sent around her annual Christmas/Birthday list. Each year is more amazing than the next. Because you see, my sister is quite a serious girl. Quite serious about you buying things for her. The real stand out gems from this year's list include: an all expenses paid European vacation and a good boyfriend. Which is curious because I want those things too . . . (strokes chin . . . )


WendyB said...

Your sister sounds highlarious!

cornpuddin said...

ask and you will receive... That is my theory

Anonymous said...

thanks for introducing me to these snarky cards. instant fan-dom!