Monday, November 21, 2011

At The Edge Of The World You Will Float - Telefon Tel Aviv

"Enjoy it while it lasts."
You can say that again.

Lars Von Trier sure knows how to sound like a bit of a grump. I never know what to make of people who can shit all over their own hard work in an instance. I suppose they're pretty humourous to me and I do find self criticism to be revealing. Thankfully, Von Trier did make a "woman's film" because I ate that shit up with a silver spoon. In such a timely moment when you can't help but to think about the end of the world (climate change, Nibiru, end of days, whatever you want to believe), I took comfort in this film. Though it had a cold feeling overall, there was something about it that felt affirming and vaguely warm. Maybe it was the relationship between Gainsbourg and Dunst. Or maybe it was just, the blunt, sharp script.

"I think your plan is shit."

I do know, a few weeks ago, I was driving with a ballet friend when I blurted out that I had finally come to terms with the idea of the world ending. I expected her to look at me, absolutely horrified as if to say "Who is this horrible creature, I'm holed up in a car with?" But to my surprise, she agreed with me. And for that brief moment there was a closeness in the car, which was unmistakable.

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Peas said...

I saw this today. The castle where it's filmed is a public park 10 minutes from the house I grew up in. Spent a lot of my childhood at this place. So weird.