Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hey Boy, Hey Girl - The Chemical Brothers

Androgyny is probably one of my most favorite topics. There are days when I am dressed ultra feminine, but when I'm not (70% of the time) . . . I tend to sway that fine line where my clothing could fit nicely on a boy with a delicate features. Maybe it's the warm daydream of having a boyfriend who likes the same things as I do or perhaps it's the idea of a shared wardrobe and more space overall . . . but I for one have always thought (even when I was wee child . . . and yes, I thought a great deal about these things) that sexuality defined was too constricting in style of dress. And the older I get, the more confirmed my beliefs are that the ability to dress how we choose, live how we choose and love who we choose are among the most basic of human rights.

This affectionate shoot was styled by Michael Hennegan for oki-ni and is making me crave some winter cuddling. Oki-ni is one of those sites which I subscribe to because I love the clothes. Even though technically they are "menswear". Eh, who's to say?


Whitney Soup said...

i looove boy clothes on girls

etoilee8 said...

Me too!!

L.R. said...

You know, I probably dress like a guy most of the time too!

Everything looks so damn cozy in that shoot!