Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liquid Days (Part One) - Philip Glass

Because I did so well at not spending money in NYC over the weekend, I had to go and blow it at Body Shop in Union Station while waiting for my Dad. The Body Shop is always such a good deal (sales, sales and more sales) but besides the frugality factor, certain smells always remind me of certain friends. Because it's an international chain, I go in and smell my teenage friends. Marilyn smells like that perfume, Kate used to wear that sunblock and Aisha once loved that body butter. It's a smell trip down memory lane.

These two scents are delicious and ever so light, like the notes of a flute. Plus the packaging is delightful.

Aloe & Linen smells so fresh that it reminds me of newly laundered sheets. Meanwhile Vanilla & Tonka Bean is sweet but elegantly spicy. (And I usually HATE vanilla scented anything). But I do tend to go for musky scents when the temperature drops. Both are such a good deal because you can use them in your room, on your sheets or on your body. You can't go wrong with a three for one!


vina sananikone said...

:( My favorite perfume is this vanilla one that my aunts sent from France.


etoilee8 said...

Don't be silly, it probably smells lovely! I just don't like vanilla on me (usually)!

Rebecca said...

It's true- White Musk was my childhood until I discovered Cerruti 1881 which I refused to stop wearing until I hit 26 or so. Ananya smelled like my friend, Madeleine. They used to do an orange scrub that I loved. And blue ice shampoo. I haven't been in for years :).