Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Do What We Want - O+S

Bought. Don't even give me flack for it. I love the fact that every winter, Rick Owens rarely changes what's on the menu. You know what you're going to get. It's a credit to him because it makes his designs timeless in a way. I know I already have this jacket in tan. I also know that my tan jacket is getting beadied and a little pilled, though to it's credit, it is five years old. Oh yes and that the dry cleaners did a number on it. (L.R., it lost it's puffiness, which is part of the magic). So buy it again? Well, you know me . . . Purchased from The Outnet, where I seem to buy all my clothes these days. I'm pretty boring, I guess. Update: It's being returned. The grey doesn't pop as I expected it to. The color is muted and not that pretty on me. Plus, I like the collar of my tan jacket better. Damn.

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L.R. said...

Love it! Have you tried taking a shaving razor to the pills on the old one? You have to keep the fabric flat and be careful but it works better than any of those other things.