Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life - Kotez

he tried to save the calender business


It's all too much sometimes. I remember once as a child, thinking that adults were so terribly silly for dreading the holidays. I mean what's not to love? My naive child like mind is a constant source of nostalgic humor as I glance back knowingly from my big girl shoes (I hate that stupid phrase). The problem is, now that I'm working on most weekends (in addition to M-F), I am left with no time for pretty much anything. I have a specific list of goals for every weekend and if I make it through half, it's a miracle, but I still feel incredibly guilty. Cleaning my room is ever present on that list because the place is a bonified shithole. I can't walk without tripping over something. Last weekend I:

- Cleaned my bathroom. (It didn't take long).
- Grocery shopped.
- Bought more presents.
- Treated my Pops to brunch.
- Helped my sister and her husband unpack their house.

And despite it all. I still feel (sigh), like I got nothing done. Isn't that the worst?

Speaking of big girl shoes, how ridiculous are these bespoke Nikolas Kirkwoods? If I bought these to wear on Christmas morning would you all give up on me? Yeah? Yup, I would too.


vina sananikone said...

oh gurl, I feel you on the bonafied shithole thing. I JUST cleaned my room last night (been meaning to do it FOR MONTHS) and I'm a bit amazed that I don't have any clothes on the floor now.

Each day it was, "I'm going to go home and clean my bedroom so I can think." No. I go home and veg out and then crawl over the mess to my bed.

and those shoes? That is a broken ankle waiting to happen!

Peas said...

I can see you stroll down the stairs on xmas morning wearing those shoes and pyjama pants like it ain't no thing.

etoilee8 said...

Now that I've wrapped some presents it's gotten better. But it's still a bit of a rat's nest. Just lovely, Vina.

L.R. said...

When you're constantly doing for others, it's hard to feel caught up on anything for yourself. As far as your room goes, maybe a timer and just give yourself 10 minutes a night to pick up a bit. Timer stops. THE END.

We'll all be able to take a HUGE sigh of relief once this holiday is over. It seems to get more stressful every year, doesn't it?