Friday, December 16, 2011

The Luck Without - Throwing Snow

You can really get a good grasp on my moods by looking at the colors in my Pinterest. Lately it's been a lot of sea green, grey, but mostly white. I keep pining for white rooms and I recognize that as a desperate plea for simplicity in my own life. Trust me. My own room? A state of disaster. My life? That too. I run from one job to another often emptying one bag, exchanging it for a larger one, grabbing my laptop, swapping shoes, throwing the discarded pair in the closet, taking in a box of something I ordered and dumping it on the floor, to open later hastily lacking the usual joy I get from ordered clothing. I want to keep working, obviously, but in the new year, I'd like a little bit of calm and order too. Here's hoping. But for now enjoy my favorite white rooms.

(Photos collected from: That Kind of Woman, The Gentlewoman, One Tall Girl, R Du Jour, Lindsay Charlotte and Cool It Again)

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Anonymous said...

I tend to opt for white first. And then, rather abruptly, I buy a can of crazy-colored paint, and end up with corals, turquoises, bicycle yellows, and everything in between. I've made a promise to myself, that if I EVER get to live in a beautiful high-ceilinged loft, I'll paint it linen white. Entirely.

Btw, I'd up-and-quit my life here in NY for the chance to live in that first room/studio.