Thursday, December 15, 2011

Memory Lane Happiness - Netsky vs. Lost Witness

I promise not to turn this into a look-how-cute-my-niece-is blog. But I was completely taken off guard by how much joy this baby would bring into our lives.

(PS - That's my baby picture. I told Mum that she looked like me and it was denied until I pulled out the albums).


L.R. said...

She is soooo beautiful! I certainly don't mine more baby pics!

And yes, totally looks like you! You were such a cute little baby!

K.Line said...

OK, she is a seriously cute baby! I love her hair! And she really stares into the camera like she knows how to pose already! You should do a once a month post of all the cutest photos taken.

InnyVinny said...


She DOES look just like you. I thought that was her. WOW.

etoilee8 said...

I heart you guys big time. I promise to post more pictures, just as long as no one gets bored of them!

Anonymous said...

I want her!!!!