Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sumayah - Ahmed Jamal

This week I have taken a break from wearing make up, working out and dancing ballet.
And let me tell you, it feels glorious. Ballet's pretty trendy right now. There are blogs devoted to posting dewey pictures of lithe ballerinas in perfect arabesque but often I wonder how many of the admirers truly understand the hard work that goes into the art form? Don't get me wrong, sometimes it makes you feel great. But as much as it lifts you up, it can also bring you down. So this break was timely.

Tonight I snuggled deep into one of my parent's cozy armchairs, drank a cold creamy beer and cracked open the copy of Brooklyn Magazine Cornpuddin' brought home from her apartment in NYC. The highlight of the magazine for me was the short story by Justin Taylor. Have you had a chance to glance at it yet?

(Photos from: Sacramento Street and RiadieRia)

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