Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aurora - Björk

My Father is pretty hip with a fantastic eye for detail. Despite his exterior (seriously, the man lives in cargo pants), he enjoys many of the same things you and I do. The Selby being one of them. And upon viewing the photos of Angelika Taschen's resplendent home, he immediately sent me an email which said "Is that photograph over the bed from a certain gallery opening you attended in London?" Upon further inspection, I have ruled it a "no", but he never forgets the moments when I shine the brightest, usually making a complete and utter spectacle of myself. There has been nothing ultra mundane about my life.

"Looking hard for moments of shine" - Aurora, Björk


L.R. said...

Your dad sounds so hip and sweet! What a darling!

Angie Stewart said...

So charming!